10 Largest Sports Betting Accumulator Wins Ever

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sports betting accumulator wins

Sports betting accumulator wins have the potential to result in significant payouts for fortunate bettors and large profits for sportsbooks. An accumulator, also known as a parlay, is a bet that includes multiple selections from different sporting events. To win the bet, all selections must be correct. In this article, we will explore some of the most impressive sports betting accumulator wins in history.

1. A £16 wager leads to a £473,985 win
In 2022, one bettor placed a £16 wager on a 29,000/1 accumulator bet on the NFL’s Conference Championship Sunday. The bettor accurately predicted the winner and score of both games, thanks to two game-winning field goals, and walked away with £473,985.

2. A £32,744 bet results in a £573,019 payout
Another bettor wagered £32,744 on a 10-leg football accumulator bet, which included eight college ball games and two NFL games. The bettor successfully predicted the winner of each game, including a close call with the Green Bay Packers, and won £573,019.

3. A £6.55 bet turns into £791,000
A bettor at FanDuel placed a £6.55 bet on a 12-leg accumulator bet predicting the outcome of every match on Sunday of the 2021 Ryder Cup. Despite America having all but secured the cup, the bettor correctly predicted all the winners, including an upset, and won £791,000.

4. A £11 bet leads to an £818,135 win
One FanDuel Sportsbook bettor placed an £11 bet on a 74,087/1 accumulator bet on the Coke Zero Sugar 400 NASCAR race. The bettor accurately predicted four top 10 finishers, including several longshots, and won £818,135 due to a massive crash that wiped out most of the leading pack.

5. A £19 bet results in an £822,973 payout
A fearless punter placed accumulators on the Friday of the 2017 Punchestown Festival, predicting the winners of five races. When all five horses came in, the bettor won £822,973 from a £19 bet, making it the largest amount paid out on horse racing in Coral bookmakers’ history.

6. A £41 bet turns into £930,368
A BetMGM customer placed a £41 bet on a 15-leg accumulator bet on a range of sports, including college football, professional football, basketball, ice hockey, and golf. The bettor accurately predicted all 15 selections and won £930,368.

Sports betting accumulator wins can be challenging to achieve, but these examples demonstrate that it is possible to defy the odds and win big. Some bettors on this list got lucky, while others studied the game to give themselves the best chance.

One of the most incredible sports betting accumulator wins involved a bettor who won over £1.13 million in winnings on a 15-leg parlay bet that featured a mix of NFL and NCAA National Championship games. Another bettor, Marco Piemonte, placed a £24,558 wager on a five-leg parlay that included four NFL games and the NCAA National Championship game, which he won and netted him £988,013.

Golf is known for being a challenging sport to bet on, but one bettor managed to win over £1 million by selecting the outright winners of four separate golf championships and the results of two Euro 2020 soccer matches in a monster six-leg parlay. The final part of this wager came down to golfer Harris English, who the bettor had to win the Travelers Championship at 35/1 odds.

In 2008, fertilizer salesman Fred Craggs placed a 50p accumulator on eight horses with monumental odds of 2,800,000/1. All eight horses won, and Craggs won £1 million, which was capped by William Hill.

The most significant sports betting accumulator win recorded in the UK occurred through the Tote horse racing pool betting service in March 2011. Steve Whiteley, a heating engineer, placed a £2 Jackpot bet containing six selections and won £1,445,671.71 when all six horses won.

Before placing your sports betting accumulator, be sure to check out our pages on NHL betting, NBA betting, and Super Bowl betting for betting guides and bookie recommendations. Good luck in your pursuit of sports betting accumulator wins!