Charity Gambling Fundraisers: A Legal & Successful Event Guide

Plan a winning charity gambling fundraiser! Follow our guide on legalities, selecting a cause, setting goals, and more for a successful event.
Charity gambling fundraisers

Charity gambling fundraisers are a popular and effective way to raise money for a good cause. By following these steps and tips, you can plan and execute a memorable and legal fundraiser that will meet your goals and bring people together for a fun evening of gaming and entertainment.

Establish a fundraising goal and budget

Begin by setting a fundraising target and determining your budget. Consider the type of event you want to host, such as a casino-style evening or a poker competition. Giving your fundraiser a theme, like a black-tie event or an 80s party, can create an engaging atmosphere and encourage more people to attend.

Select an appropriate venue

Find a venue that is suitable for your charity gambling fundraiser, ensuring it is licensed and insured. Depending on your event’s size and style, you may need to hire professionals like card dealers, servers, bartenders, and entertainers. Renting gambling equipment like tables, chips, and slot machines may also be necessary.

Spread the word about your event

Promote your charity gambling fundraiser through various channels, such as social media, email, and flyers. Sell tickets to your event and offer additional options like food and drink for sale, a bar, or street food trucks. Incorporate extra activities like auctions, special games, bingo, raffles, and more to keep guests entertained and engaged.

Recruit volunteers and seek sponsorship

Request assistance from volunteers to help with your event. You may find individuals with special skills like event organization, graphic design, or fundraising who can contribute their expertise. Approach local or national companies for sponsorship and prize donations in exchange for free promotion, such as featuring their logos or contact information on gaming tables, staff clothes, venue decor, and more.

Organize your event with care

Allow yourself ample time to prepare and ensure there is a balance between auction time, games and gambling time, entertainment, dinner, and networking/mixing time. Remember to have fun and enjoy the event, knowing that you are raising money for a good cause.

Comply with state laws and obtain necessary permits

Ensure your charity gambling fundraiser is legal by researching state laws on gambling and gaming. Obtain any required permits and licenses, and comply with IRS tax rules and alcohol serving regulations.

Monitor ticket sales and marketing strategies

Choose a selling strategy for your event, such as full price upfront or allowing a deposit. Sell as many tickets in advance as possible and consider selling remaining tickets at the door on the day of the event. Utilize a mix of physical and digital marketing to reach a wide audience, and don’t hesitate to ask the charity or organization for help with promotion.

By following these steps, you can ensure a successful charity gambling fundraiser that not only raises funds for a cause you care about but also provides an enjoyable experience for all attendees.

In conclusion, planning a successful charity gambling fundraiser requires careful organization, adherence to legal requirements, and effective promotion. With a well-structured event, a suitable venue, and a strong marketing strategy, your fundraiser can bring people together for a memorable and legal evening of gaming and entertainment. Remember to enjoy the process and celebrate the positive impact your efforts will have on the cause you are supporting.