Drake’s Gambling: Big Bets & Wins

Explore Drake's gambling habits, with CA$101.9M in wins & CA$39.5M losses, including his Stake.com partnership and casino wagers.
Drake gambling

Drake’s gambling has become a hot topic, as the Canadian rapper has made a name for himself in the online gambling industry since becoming an ambassador for the online cryptocurrency casino, Stake.com. From January to November 2022, Drake has won CA$101.9 million ($76.4 million) and lost CA$39.5 million ($29.6 million) through his gambling activities. The rapper has a penchant for roulette and has won over $17 million in a single spin on a live roulette table. However, he also lost over $660,000 in Formula 1 and UFC bets in May.

Drake’s Highs and Lows in Gambling

Drake’s love for gambling has led to impressive wins and losses over the years. While he has had some bad luck with his UFC bets, losing over $200,000, he has had better success with his NFL bets, winning over $2 million on a three-leg parlay. The rapper has also had success with his basketball, baseball, and hockey wagers, taking home a combined total of over $3 million. He has been known to splash big bucks on red and black at the casino, with some six-figure and even seven-figure bets.

Drake’s Partnership with Stake

Drake’s partnership with Stake has given him the opportunity to host live streamed events called “Drake Vs Stake”, where players can watch and bet on his live roulette gameplay. The rapper has even given away Bitcoin packages worth $75,000 to lucky players during these events. Despite his unlucky streak with some sports bets, Drake has proven to be a successful gambler overall, with multiple million-dollar wins under his belt. And with his partnership with Stake, it seems that his love for gambling will continue to grow.

Drake’s Gambling with Celebrities

During his “Drake Vs Stake” events, the rapper has been joined by fellow celebrities, including Lil Baby and French Montana, to wager large sums of money on live roulette tables. Drake’s lucky number, black 11, earned him a massive $17.9 million win during the first event. In the second event, he won a staggering $24.9 million but ended with less than $2,000 in his account.

Questions About Drake’s Stakes

There have been questions about the legitimacy of Drake’s stakes on the site. Some bettors believe that Stake deposits the money he gambles with, allowing him to make high-risk bets without risking his own money. However, with a net worth of a quarter of a billion dollars, it’s possible that Drake has the bankroll to fund his gambling habits.

Stake’s Partnerships

Stake has partnerships beyond Drake, including with the UFC and various sports teams. In the UK, Stake opened a dedicated site for UK bettors and became the front-of-shirt sponsor for Everton and Watford FC. Sergio Agüero, former Manchester City striker, is a brand ambassador for Stake. The site also sponsors various sports events, including the European Cricket Championship and the International Volleyball Federation’s men’s league in Osaka, Japan.

In conclusion, Drake’s gambling habits on Stake have drawn attention to the site’s legitimacy and its partnerships with various sports teams and events globally.