Neymar’s Gambling Habits: $1M Loss in 1 Hour

Neymar's gambling habits: Explore his $1M loss, reaction, career impact, and the high-stakes gambling world in under 60 mins. Stay informed.
Neymar's gambling habits

Neymar’s gambling habits have recently made headlines as the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) star lost over $1 million in under an hour during an online casino session. The session was livestreamed on Twitch, showcasing Neymar’s eccentric personality and love for gambling, especially poker tournaments. This loss marks his largest and fastest losing session made public to date.

Comparing Neymar’s Loss to Other Celebrities

Although Neymar earns over $3 million per month with PSG, losing 33% of his salary in just an hour is a significant shock. However, his additional earnings from deals and endorsements could explain his carefree reaction to the loss. To put Neymar’s loss into perspective, rapper Drake reportedly spent $2 billion within two months, making Neymar’s loss seem relatively small in comparison.

Neymar’s Reaction to the Loss

During the livestream, Neymar pretended to cry to the theme tune of the Titanic after losing the significant amount of money. However, he quickly recovered and was seen laughing and playing the air flute with his hands. This reaction is typical of Neymar’s personality, and it’s unlikely that this will be the last we hear of his gambling antics this year.

Neymar’s Love for Gambling and Poker Tournaments

Neymar’s gambling habits have long been a topic of interest, as he is known for participating in high-stakes poker tournaments and placing large bets on various games. His passion for gambling has led to several partnerships with online poker platforms, further fueling his love for the game. As one of the world’s highest-paid athletes, Neymar can afford to indulge in such expensive hobbies, but it’s essential to remember the potential risks associated with gambling.

Impact of Neymar’s Gambling Habits on His Career

While Neymar’s gambling habits have not yet negatively impacted his career, it’s crucial to consider the potential consequences of such behavior on a professional athlete. Gambling can lead to financial troubles, addiction, and distractions from training and performance. It’s essential for Neymar and other athletes to maintain a healthy balance between their personal interests and professional responsibilities.

Neymar’s Current Injury and Future Plans

Unfortunately, Neymar is currently out of action due to an ankle injury, which means he won’t be playing for the rest of the soccer season. This could give him more time to indulge in his love for gambling and poker tournaments. However, it’s crucial for Neymar to focus on his recovery and return to the field as soon as possible, as his fans and teammates eagerly await his comeback.


In conclusion, Neymar’s gambling habits have once again made headlines, with the PSG star losing over $1 million in under an hour during an online casino session. Despite the significant loss, Neymar’s reaction was carefree and lighthearted, reflecting his eccentric personality. While his love for gambling has not negatively impacted his career thus far, it’s essential for Neymar to maintain a balance between his personal interests and professional responsibilities. As he recovers from his ankle injury, fans and teammates hope to see Neymar return to the field soon, focusing on his soccer career and leading his team to victory.