Online Gambling Safety: Top Sites’ Player Protection

Discover online gambling safety with our analysis of 25 top sites prioritizing player security. Control your habits using our blog's guidance.
Online gambling safety

Online gambling safety has been a hotly debated topic in the industry for quite some time. While some argue that it is not safe, others believe that moderation is the key to enjoying the activity. The Supreme Court decision in May 2018 allowed every state to legalize online gambling, leading to a surge in wagers across the country. This has raised concerns among the public, as young men are developing unhealthy relationships with gambling.

In response to this issue, gambling regulators worldwide are paying attention to the problem. We have compiled data on how often prominent gambling sites reference player safety on their homepage. We analyzed 25 popular gambling sites to see how many times safety-related keywords like limit, responsible, and time-out are featured on the homepages and dedicated responsible gambling pages.

Promoting Safety on Gambling Sites

Online casino site, Mr Green, leads the pack with 121 total references to safety throughout its homepage and dedicated responsible gambling page. LV Bet follows closely behind with 119 total references, and Trada Casino completes the top 3 with 105. Surprisingly, online gambling giants Paddy Power and Bet365 lag behind with only 34 and 12 safety references overall, respectively. Fruity Casa has no references to safe gambling on its homepage, with all 53 safety references found on its dedicated responsible gambling page.

Studies indicate that language has a powerful influence on shaping consumer behavior, and using language can alter people’s perception of products and services. In this case, gambling sites have a responsibility to use language that helps players understand the importance of responsible gambling and maintaining habits on the fun side. Reputable gambling sites must adhere to strict government regulations to be more transparent with their users about the details of their gambling and may even encourage them to take control of their gambling habits.

The Growing Threat of Illegitimate Sites

As the online gambling market continues to expand, the risk of harmful illegitimate sites entering the sphere becomes a real possibility. These shady sites often lure users with exorbitantly high payout offers, confusing bonuses, and refusal to pay out winnings. They may even change their terms and conditions on an as-needed basis.

To ensure online gambling safety, simple changes like deposit and wager limit tools, the ability to choose mandatory cool-off periods, and a reality check and self-assessment tool can help keep the fun in gambling.

Introducing the Responsible Gambling Tab

In response to the growing concerns about online gambling safety, we recently released a Responsible Gambling Tab to our casino reviews. This tab aims to provide you with the knowledge to identify if your safety is a priority in a casino’s business model. You can find more information about this tab in our gambling blog, which offers further guidance on how to play safely.

Methodology of the Study

To obtain the results, we first collected words and phrases that reflected safety values or implied that users stayed safe while gambling. This gave us a selection of 17 safety terms to analyze. We then gathered the top 25 gambling sites based on data from the website. Afterward, we tallied up the number of mentions of these keywords throughout the homepage and ranked them in order of most to least mentions.


Online gambling safety is an essential aspect of the industry that needs to be addressed. Gambling sites must prioritize player safety and promote responsible gambling practices. With the information provided in this article, players can make informed decisions about which sites prioritize their safety and well-being. By choosing reputable sites and following the guidance provided, players can enjoy the fun aspects of gambling while minimizing the risks associated with it.