Past Posting: High-Stakes Roulette Cheat Tactic

Master past posting, a risky roulette cheat technique used by experts to beat the game. Try it cautiously and elevate your casino skills!
Past Posting

Past posting is a risky yet effective strategy used by cheaters to beat roulette by placing high-value bets on the layout after the ball has already landed. This concept was explained by crooked-gambling expert Darwin Ortiz during a magician’s lecture in Glasgow. Although past posting can be successful, it requires skill, timing, and awareness to pull off without getting caught by modern security systems.

Targeting Red and Black Bets

The simplest and easiest targets for past posting are the red and black bets on the roulette layout. An experienced cheater sitting close to these options can make a chip appear as if by magic after the ball lands. The classic technique involves resting one’s hand on the layout with a chip hidden underneath. With an imperceptible snap of the thumb, the chip slides quickly and quietly across the baize to settle on the red or black painted markings.

Working with a Team

By passing off high-value checks to secret partners around the table, cheaters can position a high-stakes player next to the wheel and use lower-stake bets to cover past-posted bets. Each of these techniques can work in the right place and at the right time, but if there is the slightest suspicion, a review of camera footage will quickly reveal the deception. Playing the turn, or distracting the dealer, can be an art in its own right. Expert scammers can manipulate entire teams of dealers and their bosses like an orchestra.

Mastering the Art of Distraction

The key to successful past posting lies in the ability to create distractions and misdirection at the right moments. Cheaters must be aware of their surroundings and the actions of the dealer and other players to ensure they do not draw attention to their moves. This can involve working with a team to create diversions or simply taking advantage of a busy casino environment to blend in and make their moves unnoticed.

The Risks of Past Posting

The real danger for past-posters is that modern security systems can potentially track all bets on a layout and detect if anything is added after the dealer calls “no more bets.” This means that even the most skilled cheater can be caught if they are not cautious and aware of the security measures in place. Additionally, getting caught can result in severe consequences, including being banned from the casino or facing criminal charges.

Adapting to Modern Security Measures

To avoid detection, past-posters must constantly adapt their techniques and strategies to stay ahead of the latest security systems. This may involve using more advanced methods of hiding or placing bets, as well as working with a team to create more elaborate distractions or diversions. However, even with these adaptations, the risk of getting caught remains high, making past posting a dangerous game for those who attempt it.

In conclusion, past posting is a bold and risky cheating strategy that requires skill, timing, and awareness to execute successfully. While it can be an effective way to beat roulette, the modern security measures employed by casinos make it increasingly difficult for cheaters to pull off without getting caught. Those who choose to engage in past posting must be prepared for the potential consequences and challenges that come with attempting to outsmart the system.