Bar Bets: Win Free Drinks with These 2 Tricks

Win free drinks with two unbeatable bar bets! Impress friends & score rounds on them. Master these simple secrets and try them out today!
Bar Bets

Bar Bets are a fun and entertaining way to win free drinks and impress your friends at the bar. These friendly wagers can be easily learned with practice and are sure to leave your friends reaching for their wallets. In this article, we will discuss two classic Bar Bets that you can try out the next time you’re at the pub.

The first Bar Bet involves a race to see who can drink three shots or three pints of beer faster. The person drinking the pints gets a head start and can only use one hand. To win this bet, simply place the shot glasses in front of your opponent and secretly trap one inside your pint glass before the race begins. This sneaky move will give you an advantage, and your friends will be left wondering how you managed to drink so quickly.

The second Bar Bet is a game of “Do As I Do” with coins and shots. The goal is for your opponent to copy your every move, but the trick is to secretly palm one of the coins and spit your shot back into the glass at the end. This requires some skill and practice, but once you master it, your friends will be amazed at your dexterity.

To perform the coin trick, hold two coins in your hand and appear to toss them both into a glass. However, only let one coin fall while keeping the other in your hand. With practice, you can do this smoothly without cramping your hand or looking suspicious. After dropping the coin into the glass and pretending to drink the shot, spit it back out into the glass. Your friends will assume you swallowed the shot, but you secretly kept the coin in your mouth. If your friends try to do the same, they won’t find the coin in the glass.

To take the trick to the next level, you can palm the coin and pull it out from the bottom of the glass. This will really impress your friends and make you the life of the party.

When attempting these Bar Bets, it’s important to keep the stakes friendly and only play with people who can afford to pay. Remember, these are not con games, but rather lighthearted wagers that anyone can learn to do with practice. If you encounter a suspicious opponent, try to distract them by emphasizing the rules and details of the bet. And if all else fails, be prepared to buy your own drinks.

In conclusion, Bar Bets are a great way to entertain your friends and win free drinks at the pub. With practice and skill, you can master these classic wagers and become the life of the party. Just remember to keep the stakes friendly and only play with those who can afford to participate. Happy betting!