Street Craps Rules: Master the Game & Key Terms

Master Street Craps rules with our guide! Learn slang, steps, and winning strategies for this exciting dice game. Try your luck today!
Street Craps rules

Street Craps rules are easy to learn and the game can be a fun pastime once you get the hang of it. To start, you need to familiarize yourself with the lingo used in the game. Some popular slang words include Dice, Shooter, Placing Bets, Pass, and Don’t Pass. Understanding these terms will help you navigate the game with ease.

Basic Rules of Street Craps

Every casino game has rules, and Street Craps is no exception. The Shooter selects the betting amount to wager and is responsible for offering odds during the game. Players can also make side bets. After the Shooter throws the dice, all bet placing must stop. Passes win if the result of the dice roll is seven or eleven, while Don’t Pass bets win if the results are two, three, or twelve.

To play Street Craps, it’s essential to know the basics. Knowledge is power, so learning the fundamentals will give you an advantage over other players. It’s also helpful to know your moves before you play, so you have a good idea of the kind of craps payout you can expect for the bets you’re about to make.

Starting the Game

Once you have a basic understanding of Street Craps rules, you’re ready to play. First, you need to ante up by placing a small amount into the pot. There always has to be one Shooter, so you and all the players who have anted will roll to decide who the Shooter is. The person who rolls the highest becomes the Shooter.

If you are the Shooter, you will be first to place your bets. If you were not the Shooter, the person who is would always place their bets first. This will either be a “pass” or “crap”, but the Shooter may bet on themselves. The Shooter will always do the initial come-out roll, but if the Shooter passes or craps, it immediately ends the game. Any money in the pot is distributed between the players according to how much they bet.

Continuing the Game

This final step may not always be required, but you can continue rolling until the Shooter points up or goes 7 out. This particular rule will depend on which version of Street Craps you’re playing, but sometimes the betting goes into a higher gear if the point is reached. It is also common for a round of side bets to occur.

Street Dice is a simple game and very similar to Craps. The main difference between the games is that Street Dice can be played outside rather than using a traditional ‘Craps’ table. Street Craps is played with two dice that the Shooter rolls. You will bet on the outcome of these two dice based on your own roll or a roll made by another player.

Playing at Home

If you prefer to play in the privacy of your home, you will need to create a Craps table, but make sure you have enough space. As a rule, these Craps tables are big, so ensure you have adequate room. Remember, Street Craps is a game of chance, so have fun and gamble responsibly.

Learning how to play Street Dice may seem daunting at first, but with practice, anyone can become an expert. The best players in the world got to where they are now by practicing, so practice is key. If you’re already familiar with traditional Craps, you’ll be able to pick up Street Dice relatively quickly. Having a basic craps strategy in place is always a good idea, but this will come with time and experience.


Street Dice is full of rules, so understanding them before you play could be the key to your success. Familiarize yourself with the terms and read our step-by-step instructions to gain a better understanding of the game. Knowing what to expect and planning your next moves before they happen could give you the edge over your opponents. With a bit of luck and practice, you’ll be a Street Craps pro in no time!