Gambling Age: Global Guide and Key Facts

Discover global gambling age limits for casinos, both land-based and online. Learn your country's legal age to gamble and plan your next adventure.
gambling age

Gambling age is an important factor to consider when participating in any form of betting or gaming, as it varies depending on the country or jurisdiction. Different age limits apply to various types of gambling activities, and in some countries, there is no minimum age requirement, while in others, gambling is illegal. It is essential to comply with the laws and regulations of the specific country, state, or province you are in when engaging in gambling activities.

Common Gambling Ages

The most common ages across the world are 18 and 21. However, the legal age for online gambling depends on the country, and gambling laws can be quite complex in some places. While some states support and encourage gambling, both land-based and online, others are very strict with the type of regulations they introduce.

United States Gambling Age

In the United States, each state regulates its own minimum age for gambling. Some states have two legal ages: 18 in some casinos and 21 in others. Cities follow the laws and regulations of their country, without exception. For example, even though Las Vegas is a popular city to gamble in, the gambling age in Vegas is 21, as the city is located in Nevada.


Canada has a straightforward age of 19, except for Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec, where the official legal age to gamble is 18. Each province follows rules specific to them only.


Every country in Europe has its own set of gambling laws and regulations, as well as rules on how old one must be to enter a casino. The legal age in European countries ranges from 18 to 21.


In Asia, each country has its own regulations, with some countries like China and Indonesia banning gambling altogether, while others like Japan and Macau have a age of 20 and 21, respectively.

South American

South America has its own set of age restrictions, with countries like Argentina and Aruba allowing players as young as 18 to gamble, while others like Chile and Uruguay require players to be 18.


In Oceania, Australia has a gambling age of 18, while New Zealand requires players to be 20.


In Africa, each country has its own set of regulations, with some countries like Tunisia allowing gambling at any age, while others like Nigeria require players to be 20.


In Portugal, gambling laws are complex, and each casino has the right to set its own rules regarding age. Some casinos allow players as young as 18, while others require players to be 25 or older.

Cruise Ship

The gambling age on cruise ships is typically 18 or over, with some exceptions like Princess Cruises, which requires players to be 21 or over.

Staying Informed

It’s important to note that gambling laws and regulations are subject to change, and players should always check the laws in their specific location before gambling. Ultimately, the gambling age is established based on what is deemed a mature age for a person to be held accountable for their actions.

Different countries have their own rules regarding gambling laws and the minimum age required for gambling. It is important to check the allowed age of a country before visiting its land-based or online casinos to avoid any legal issues. Some countries have completely banned gambling, so it is best to be aware of their laws beforehand.

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