Online Casinos: 7 Cool Facts You Didn’t Know!

Explore 7 intriguing online casino facts, from gender ratios to card counting legality. Uncover the thrilling world of online casinos today!
Online casinos

Online casinos have rapidly grown into a powerful force on the internet, offering thrilling poker tournaments, unmatched entertainment, and players winning life-changing jackpots. Despite the growing popularity of online casinos, there are still many myths and legends surrounding this digital universe. In this article, we will explore some cool facts about online casinos that you probably didn’t know.

Gender and Gambling

While men are known to be fonder of gambling compared to women, with around 84% of gamblers being male, it’s interesting to note that the first legal casino license ever issued in Las Vegas was granted to a woman. In 1920, Mayme Stocker received the license for a place called the Northern Club.

Monte Carlo Casino and Its Unique Law

Monte Carlo is not only famous for being home to Grace Kelly and the Formula 1 Grand Prix race but also for its luxurious lifestyle and the infamous Monte Carlo Casino. However, there is a unique law in place: citizens of Monaco are not allowed to gamble in the Monte Carlo Casino. This law was established in the mid-1800s.

Card Counting in Blackjack

Card counting is a perfectly legal strategy in blackjack, even though casinos around the world try to prevent it as much as possible. Players who can master this technique may gain an advantage over the casino, which is why it is often frowned upon.

Voluntary Exclusion Program in Ohio

The state of Ohio introduced a “Voluntary Exclusion” program, allowing gamblers to ban themselves from playing in a casino. This initiative is designed to help those with gambling problems take control of their actions and prevent further harm.

Online Slots and Land-Based Casinos

Nowadays, a staggering 90% of players choose to play online slots, while only 10% remain loyal to land-based casinos and offline slots. Furthermore, only 33% of all players consider themselves professional gamblers.

Lotteries: The Most Popular Form of Gambling

Online casinos also offer lotteries, which are, in fact, the most popular form of gambling. Surprisingly, more than 55% of the world’s population participates in some type of lottery.

Free Online Gaming and Demo Play

The excitement of winning a large sum of money playing online slots is a dream come true for many players. However, online casinos have also incorporated an option for free online gaming or demo play. This feature is designed for those more interested in the game process than winning money.


In conclusion, the world of online casinos is a fascinating realm filled with intriguing facts. Whether you’re a professional gambler or just enjoy playing for fun, it’s clear that online casinos are here to stay. So why not try your luck and see what all the fuss is about? With an ever-growing industry and a myriad of entertaining games to choose from, there’s never been a better time to explore the exciting universe of online casinos.