Trump Betting Markets: 2024 Odds and Expectations

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Trump betting markets

Trump betting markets are heating up once again as the former US President Donald Trump is expected to return to the campaign trail. With the 2024 elections approaching, Trump has become a popular choice for bettors, both for running for president and Congress. According to a political betting expert, the recommended bet is to buy Trump for Congress at 8 cents.

The US political betting front has been relatively quiet in 2021 compared to last year’s events. However, the potential return of Trump to politics is expected to bring back the drama. Trump’s popularity was a driving force behind the growth of political betting, and it is not unlikely that the all-time record for any single betting event could be broken.

At the moment, Trump is trading in third place across the industry, with a best price of 9.4 available on Betfair. Despite this, he remains deeply unpopular with a majority of US voters, making him a significant outsider in a rematch with President Biden.

The more immediate question, assuming Trump intends to run in 2024, is when he will announce his candidacy. PredictIt offers markets on the date, with odds reflecting a 12% chance of announcing before 2022 and a 37% chance of announcing before 2023.

Trump’s legal troubles also play a role in the betting markets. After four years of investigation, Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance finally won at the Supreme Court, and a grand jury is now sitting to decide whether to indict Trump. Some bookies are offering odds that Trump will be indicted before the end of 2021.

An idea gaining traction is that Trump might first run for Congress in a Republican-friendly district in Florida. This move would provide him with a new platform and a new megaphone to replace the social media sites from which he is still banned. If successful, Republicans could elect him as Speaker of the House of Representatives, elevating him to third in line for the presidency.

PredictIt offers a market on whether Trump will be on a GOP primary ballot for 2022 or any seat, with ‘Yes’ currently available to buy at just 8 cents. Trump’s rallies are expected to generate more betting opportunities, and his plan to run for Congress will likely receive more attention.

While Trump remains popular among Republicans, his brand is toxic to a majority of voters. Wider events, such as potential indictments and ongoing prosecutions of his supporters for the January 6 insurrection, may further damage his reputation. However, as long as Trump seeks the political limelight, Republicans will likely placate his ambitions, and the betting opportunities in Trump betting markets will continue.

In conclusion, the potential return of Donald Trump to politics has rekindled interest in political betting markets. As the former president considers running for Congress or the presidency in 2024, bettors are closely monitoring his legal troubles and the odds of his candidacy announcement. Despite his unpopularity with a majority of US voters, Trump’s popularity among Republicans ensures that betting opportunities will persist as long as he remains in the political arena.