Political Betting: Top 2022 Election Bets & More

Boost your political betting game with top picks like Kemp for GA Primary, Johnson's 2022 exit, and Lula da Silva for Brazil Presidency.
Political Betting

Political betting is anticipated to reach new heights in 2022, with a myriad of events happening across various continents. From the US mid-term elections to the French Presidential Election, there will be plenty of opportunities for political enthusiasts to place their bets. In this article, we will discuss some of the most significant political betting markets and provide recommendations for potential wagers.

US Mid-Term Elections

The US mid-term elections are set to be one of the biggest markets in political betting for 2022. These elections will include races for the House of Representatives, a third of Senate seats, and various gubernatorial races. At the moment, things do not look promising for the Democrats, as President Joe Biden’s approval ratings have dipped below 45 percent. As a result, the Republicans are hot favorites to regain both chambers, with Betfair offering odds of 1.44 for them to win the Senate.

Interesting Primaries

Before the mid-term elections take place, there are several intriguing primaries to be resolved. For instance, PredictIt suggests that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has only a 43 percent chance of running again in her NY-14 district. In Georgia, the race for Governor is particularly fascinating, with Stacey Abrams looking set to be the Democrat candidate. The most appealing bet in this race is to buy Brian Kemp for the Republican primary at 44c with PredictIt.

UK Political Betting: Boris Johnson’s Future

In the United Kingdom, the future of Prime Minister Boris Johnson is a hot topic for political betting. His approval ratings have plummeted to dismal levels, prompting Betfair to offer odds of 2.96 that he will leave office during 2022, and 1.83 that he will be gone before 2024.

French Presidential Election

The upcoming French Presidential Election in April also presents a significant political betting market. Emmanuel Macron is currently the best-priced candidate at 1.67 on Betfair.

Philippines Presidential Election

The Philippines Presidential Election is already attracting considerable betting interest. Bongbong Marcos is the clear favorite in this race, with many expecting him to emerge victorious.

Brazilian General Election

The Brazilian General Election in October is set to be a major global story, with former president Lula da Silva running again after having his corruption charges overturned. The judge who charged him, Sergio Moro, is the third favorite in the race, trailing behind Lula and incumbent president Jair Bolsonaro. Betfair offers odds of 1.67 for Lula da Silva to win the Brazilian Presidential Election.

Conclusion: Recommended Bets for 2022

In conclusion, political betting is poised to be massive in 2022, with numerous events taking place across the globe. Based on the current landscape, the recommended bets include buying Brian Kemp for the Republican Georgia Primary, backing 2022 for Boris Johnson’s exit, laying (opposing) 2024 or later for Boris Johnson’s exit, and supporting Lula da Silva in the Brazilian Presidential Election.

By participating in political betting, enthusiasts can not only stay engaged with global political developments but also potentially profit from their insights and predictions. As always, it is essential to approach betting responsibly and with a clear understanding of the risks involved.